Management & Operations

Management &: Operations

HHS Management and Operational Services covers a broad range of services related to the establishment of PMO offices and running certain customised operations as per requirements.

Included in those service are Relationship Management Financials Management with detailed and ad-hoc data reporting Establish policies, standards and methodologies Creation of detailed action plans Stakeholders involvement and follow ups Creation of PMO office portals and Sharepoint websites Documentation Facilitation of meetings and resolutions


Case Management Projects
Our Software can be customized for specific types.

PMO Implementation & Operation
Establish the PMO Office Structure and acquire the resources needed.

Insurance & TPA Services

Insurance & TPA

Consultancy services related to establishing new TPAs including market research and studies of the TPA market in general.

TPA Licensing Requirements

Integration of a series of complex technologies to create a smoothly running system that fully exploits technology and empowers the clinicians and staff to more effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

TPA Offices Creation & Setup
Help establishing TPA Offices by implementing the needed setup, infrastructure, and systems.

Creation of PPO Networks
Negotiate and finalize agreements with Medical Providers on local and international basis. Monitor performance and negotiate better deals and rates.

Contact Centers
Setup or outsource contact center operations including the acquisition of contact center Hardware/ Software and Agents training.