Innovation for Success

Axis, Innovation for Success

Healthcare and medical insurance sectors are evolving. Insurance companies and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are compelled to address these new challenges: this requires innovative solutions.

AXIS is the solution to these challenges. We believe it is unique. AXIS is a suite of systems built on a robust architecture that enables insurance companies and TPAs to efficiently manage their businesses; enhance performance; and improve services. AXIS’s design and development stemmed from emerging business need thatHHS encountered first-hand in the marketplace. AXIS’ systems are expansible and designed to coping with the changes which will occur in both of business processes and technology. Functional excellence is achieved through a modular design which can operate independently or in a fully integrated manner. All systems are highly parameterized to ease the installation and implementation processes. This provides a low cost of maintenance and further future-proofing.

The AXIS Suite provides a hub for the medical insurance business as it
Streamlines and automates operations Enhances capability to manage and accommodate business growth Offers full suite of online services Support and facilitates informed decision making Monitors and controls fraud and abuse Supports prudent underwriting to enhance technical results Creates a platform for enhanced customer service and communication Complies with regulatory requirements and industry standards Efficiently manages the various stake holders

Every system covers the complete lifecycle of the business, including client management, underwriting, claims, pre-authorization, and security management. Systems work in synergy and harmony to streamline processes, increase productivity, improved data accuracy, and ensure compliance.